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Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Chicago - 31st August to 7th September

Friday night - Out!
Arrived downtown about 6pm, Eunice met us off the train and we went to her apartment to drop off our bags and get changed. Went to Fulton Lounge and met up with Tina, Andreas, Theresa and Tim. Enjoyed drinks and pizza and we went onto Bar Louie for more food, beers and desserts! Between us we couldn't finish a LARGE piece of carrot cake, LARGE piece of chocolate cake and a average piece of cheesecake. Very yummy thou; don't think I've seen such gigantic portions. Got to bed about 3am....And so began our week of lots of beers and food!

Saturday - All day in front of telly :-)
Given Thursday night out in Vegas with Rob and Dailer (lots of beer/late night/early morning to catch flight) and our Friday night boozing, unsurprisingly we emerged about 1 o'clock in the afternoon. Eunice cooked a fab breakfast of bacon and eggs and we settled into the couch watching.... America's Next Top Model... turned out to be a marathon, the entire season, and as we became hooked it became a challenge to watch to the 10pm! Didn't leave the flat. Very fun, relaxing day.

Sunday - Boating on Lake Michigan
Eunice's cousin had a birthday party on their boat at Montrose Harbour, and we went along for a ride out on Lake Michigan. Lots of fun, great views of the skyline and lovely sunshine. Felt very glam sitting at back of boat with a drink waving at the people on Navy Pier... hee hee.

Monday - Bean in the Park
Another lazy day. We walked to Millenium Park and checked out the giant mirrored bean. I could stand and look at it for hours. After we had frozen margaritas and sandwiches in the Park Plaza.

Tuesday - Beach & Chinatown
Eunice went off to work and left us to fend for ourselves. We managed to get our lazy butts to the beach about 1pm and I promptly fell back to sleep. Would love to have a beach near our house and be in the city at the same time!
We walked back up Michigan Avenue (aka Magnificient Mile) stopping off at Jamba Juice for a smoothie and a sandwich for our (late) lunch.
Dinner, we took the subway to Chinatown and ate one of the best chinese meals we've had in a very long time!

Wednesday - Sears Tower, Haircuts & Baseball
On Wednesday we got up at our usual 10am-ish (we've been very lazy this week) and walked to Sears Tower and took the elevator up to the 103rd floor - 1431ft/436m, which moves as fast as 1600ft/488m per minute!

Pretty spectacular views; bit hazy in the distance but could see the city unobstructed.

and Eunice's apartment block....the light brown one on the right, behind the triangular building. How good is our new camera!

We got another Jamba Juice (our new favourite fruity Starbucks alternative) and strolled up Michigan Ave stopping off at Supercuts to get our hair cut! Yes I got my hair cut at Supercuts for 13.95 USD! 7.50 GBP for anyone not up to date with the fab-tastic rate we are currently getting versus the US Dollar. But not only is the bargainous price a surprise, I have not had my hair cut by anyone other than Ann up in Donny for at least 7 years - all through Uni, Frankfurt and London I have gone home to have my haircut because I refuse to pay daft prices and I don't trust anyone else to cut my hair, and whilst Ben kept saying, "Are you sure?" as the lady got her scissors out I was cool as a cucumber and she did a very good job. I'd taken a photo of Nicole Richie to show the length and style I would like; though whilst flicking through the gossip mags it looks like long hair is back in fashion as this was the only shoulder-length-hair photo I could find but I was ready for a chop. Might even go shorter when we get to Oz and it's summer again. Ben had his hair buzzed too.

Will post a photo once Ben takes a nice one of me :-)

Thursday - Trip on the L and shopping! The Art Institute of Chicago. So I decided I would like to ride the L (elevated subway) whilst we were in Chicago so we jumped on at Library and went most of the way around the Loop. Bit disappointing as couldn't see much out of the windows for all the big buildings but hey ho , I've done it now :-) We then changed to the Red Line and went up to Michigan Avenue. Stopped off in couple of shops (including my fave Abercrombie & Fitch) and got a pressie for Eunice.

Thursday evenings after 5pm are free entry at the Art Instit

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