One year honeymoon around the world...17th April 2007 to 9th March 2008! Yes we're home!!

Friday, 3 August 2007

Viva Las Vegas!

Hi! It's Friday night in Vegas, 10.30pm and we're bed!
We're up at silly o'clock tomorrow to take a 5am bus to the Grand Canyon for our rafting trip. Very excited.

Had a great, busy week in Vegas with my mum & dad. Lots of delicious food and shopping! Have replaced a few items of my rucksack wardrobe so I shouldn't look too backpacker-ish in the States.

Will update blog re. Vegas when we get back from Grand Canyon (and Galapagos etc...I haven't forgotten)

Plan for next few weeks is.... get back from GC and hire a car... Zion & Bryce National Parks, visit Ben's relatives in Utah then back to Vegas to fly to Chicago to see Eunice...

From there we're not sure yet... our flight to NZ starts in Washington (after visiting Dirk) so before we go there we'll probs use our AA vouchers and go to Kansas to see more rellies and maybe New York to meet up with Amanda & Rob but depends if we can find a cheap hotel... any tips??

Best wishes to all
Sam & Ben x

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Anonymous said...

Sammy, how about staying at that kind of accommodation called a YOUTH HOSTEL?!
Hope to see you there....