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Friday, 27 July 2007

Quad biking, Volcano watching & Hot Springs

Friday 27 July
La Fortuna - Arenal, Costa Rica
Had a fun packed day today!
We started at 7.30am with an ATV tour (all-terrain-vehicle) aka quad bikes. Contemplated being a passenger on Ben´s bike but decided not to be chicken and go on my own. Loved it! After mountain biking on two skinny wheels, this monster ate up whatever I drove over! No way I could fall off this beast without closing my eyes and revving the engine.
The view of Arenal Volcano first thing this morning was spectacular - completely clear and lovely blue skies. Was a scorcher of a morning. The ATV tour took us to a waterfall (nice but don't think any waterfalls can beat Iguazu), then to a river where people were tarzan swinging over the water and dropping in... looked like good fun but we wanted to push on with actual driving. We were then heading for another river but the other 2 people in our group couldn´t keep up with us speed-demons :-)) and we had to turn back to the start.

This afternoon we went on a hike near the volcano, nice, but it was raining this afo. Saw a couple of monkeys though. We then drove to a viewpoint and as it was getting dark watched lava coming out of the volcano. Nothing dangerously big, just red fiery balls rolling down the side of the volcano - unfortunately lots of clouds so had to be patient for the gaps to see much. Sat there for about 30mins. (The volcano last erupted in 1968 destroying villages and is still active with small lava flows nearly every day)

After they took us to Baldi Hot Springs and we had 2.5 hrs there to chill out in the VERY HOT springs! These are defs my favourite hot springs we've visited so far on our trip

Very cool... they had about 3 "wet bars" where you can sit in the lovely warm water and drink a beer or cocktail and pay with wet money :-) Countless hot and cold pools, a water slide and jacuzzis. Loved it. It was dark the whole time and we were wandering round in our swimstuff but it was still nice and warm.
Shattered now!

Tomorrow we´ve off to Monteverde, home of cloud forests. Only 2 more days in Costa Rica!


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