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Saturday, 7 July 2007

Jungle Adventures!

Monday 2nd July to Friday 6th July
Cuyabeno Reserve, Ecuador
Samona Lodge

On Monday we flew from Quito to Lago Agria, a half hour flight but would take 8 hours on a bus. Think Lago Agria gets the "most basic airport award". Getting off the plane we walked across the tarmac and into a room which had a large window without glass through which the baggage was passed and we picked it up off the ledge. Very efficient and quick though :-)

Our guide George of the Jungle (real name Jorge but he says lots of gringos struggle to pronouce it and George is more fun in context) met us outside the airport once we'd walked through a line up of soldiers with machine guns (reasonably close to border with Colombia and lots of oil rigs so not sure if either of these was reason).

Ten of us squished into a mini bus started our journey further into the jungle. We spent 2.5 hours on bumpy dirt roads. Very happy once got out. Then two hours on motorised canoe to our camp/lodge. Fun ride. I liked the boat as we could stay cool and the bugs can't get you whilst you're moving.

Tuesday - Out at 6am to see birds and fresh water dolphins. Also saw two Monk Saki monkeys: bear faces and really long tails. Didn't want to get up but once out on the boat it was fun. Back for breakfast, very yummy ham & scrambled eggs, pancakes with banana and fresh juice.
After breakfast went walking on "floating forest". Long trousers & welly boots pre-requisites!!!Walk started off gentle....then got VERY muddy! My foot went under and the boot was full of mud. Surprisingly I found it quite funny and didn't mind the squelching for the rest of the walk.
After we watched the sunset and went on a night walk. I was covered up well and had lots of bug spray on. Really enjoyed the walk and only occasionally had to turn off headtorch when there became too many bugs. Saw some good, big spiders and a huge grasshopper (length of my hand size). Also watched a praying mantis catching and eating a moth which had probably been attracted by our torches.

Wednesday - Up at 8am for brekkie. Day trip to visit Shayman. Trekked through rainforest to get there - hissy fit this time when I encountered the mud.

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