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Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Galapagos Islands July 2007

Sunday 8th July to Sunday 15th July 2007
Eden Boat.

Where to start! It was a fantastic week; you truly do just fall over the animals! We got off the plane and crossing the tarmac to the terminal, a huge land iguana runs past! (They like to warm up on the hot tarmac but it has been known for them to get squished by the planes!) We then took a bus ten minutes to the docks and the benches installed for visitors have been taken over by the sealions!

Downside was I was really sick on Sunday morning from the malaria medicine I'd been taking last week whilst we were in the jungle. The journey wasn't much fun and I didn't really feel like getting on a rocking boat. I spent the afternoon sleeping and missed lunch and the first trip to the islands and snorkeling so Ben will fill you in on that...
Also the boat travelled between islands at night and the distance between them is pretty big, plus we were at open sea so usually straight after dinner I headed for bed to reduce sea sickness. Otherwise the trip was great; as soon as you get on land and see the animals you forget all about how rubbish you feel :-)

Day One - Sunday
Baltra & Bachas


Day Two - Monday
North Seymour & Santa Fe

Monday morning we...

Day Three - Tuesday
Espanola (Punta Suarez & Gardner Bay)

Day Four - Wednesday

Day Five - Thursday
Puerto Ayora (CDRS & Highlands)

Went to Charles Darwin Research Centre to see giant tortoises and Lonesome George!
Lots of cute baby tortoises; look old anyways as all wrinkly and worn looking shells.

These babies hatched this year. The breed is Santiago Island.

Lonesome George is in the middle and one of his female companions is on the left.

In the afternoon we took a bus up to the highlands and went for a short walk on a private reserve. Here the wild Giant Tortoises seek higher ground during the winter and cross the reserve on their way up the hills.

Day Six - Friday
James Bay & Bartolome

Day Seven - Saturday

A different landscape again. Sheer rock faces adorned with bird poop.

Day Eight - Sunday
Black Turtle Cove & Baltra

Got up even earlier and went out on dingy before breakfast. Lovely morning. Saw turtles, sharks and a group of stingrays: both golden rays and eagle rays.
Also watched blue-footed boobies flock to the rocks around the cove and then dive-bomb for fish. Fab to watch. We saw the stingrays last and it was a great end to the trip.
Back to boat for brekkie, then off to Balta airport to fly back to Quito.

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