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Thursday, 14 June 2007

La Paz, Bolivia - 3660m

La Paz - we stayed in La Paz for almost an week - had a great time and did loads of stuff ( see below ). La Paz is the highest capital city in the world at around 3600m a.s.l. It is set in a spectacular canyon at the top of which is the Andean Altiplano at around 4000m a.s.l.

Bikes - "The Death Road"
(Ben) Having been to La Paz 8 years ago and missed out on this experience I was determined to do it this time. The La Paz - Coroico road which drops from 4800m a.s.l at its peak (La Cumbre) to around 800m at Yosola was assigned the name "world's most dangerous road" by some bods at the World Bank. Until the recent opening of a new safe route the WMDR saw an average of 100 fatalities annually - mainly caused by vehicles plunging of the 3000 ft cliffs into the jungle far below!

We set off from La Paz at 0730 and by 09.00 were unloading the bikes at La Cumbre. The bikes were awesome with massive full suspension and full-on disc brakes. The ride down lasted around 5 hours and was extremely spectacular. Almost all of it was downhill! (more later.....)

Ben - Chacaltaya...the world's highest Taxi ride!!! 5300 :o)

Ben - Climbing Hyuana Potosi - 6088m.

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