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Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Copacabana & Isla del Sol, Bolivia. 16th & 17th June

Copacabana, Lake Titicaca
Took bus from La Paz to Copacabana, a small town on Lake Titicaca. Great views from bus. Lake Titicaca so huge you feel like you´re by the sea but actually 3820m above sea level.

Saturday afternoon the usual suspects (me, ben, diego, joel, katrien & tessa) chilled out in a back garden bar drinking beers and playing pool. We then walked up to a viewpoint to watch sunset. Got some good photos. Beautiful views over the town and the Lake. More beers consumed :-)

Isla del Sol
Day-tripped to the island. Lived up to it's name and the sun shone all day, so much so got a bit of sunburn. We took a small boat to north of island (took 2 hours - could have swam faster!) We then walked across to south side to get boat back to Copacabana. Great views from the top. Good walk too, getting used to altitude now.
The island is the legendary Inca creation site and birthplace of the sun in Inca mythology. On south side is Escalera del Inca (Inca Stairway) which was pretty impressive and pretty with the local women adorning the sides selling their typical alpaca goodies. Otherwise island was pretty average given the hype. Not that we took in many of the ruins as the locals were charging for each one due to community infighting - we never realised an island that small could have a frontera (border) - when we got to south side (having missed ticket stall at north end) guy tried to get us to pay 10 bolivanos each (okay just over 1 dollar but 10Bs goes a long way here) and Ben used his ever improving spanish to blag our way out of paying by giving him a propina (tip) of 2Bs instead.

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