One year honeymoon around the world...17th April 2007 to 9th March 2008! Yes we're home!!

Saturday, 12 January 2008

I Survived The Slow Boat!!

Ow ow ow.... my back is killing me after spending a total of 14 hours over 2 days sitting on a wooden bench on an overcrowded barge and sleeping 2 nights in awful rooms - one night so bad we both slept in our sleeping bags on top of the bed (a Janni-Nico moment as Ben liked to put it)

Just wanted to share with you that whilst I'm here on the internet I'm sitting next to a novice monk dressed in his orange sheet, shaved head and he's checking his yahoo account. They have mobile phones too!

Luang Prabang is a beautiful town. The boat was fun despite the uncomfortableness.
Off for dinner. More tomorrow.
s x

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Amanda said...

Oh we loved it there too, have a great time. We treated ourselves to a posh hotel!