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Saturday, 26 January 2008

Bindi, Osama, the Cu Chi Tunnels and an AK47!!!

This was a crazy day! We had booked a half-day trip to the famous Cu Chi tunnels.

From the book "The Tunnels of Cu Chi"
"One of the more remarkable but little known campaigns of the Vietnam War was fought inside the 200 miles of secret tunnel networks around Saigon between Viet Cong guerillas and special american forces known as "Tunnel Rats". This is the harrowing account of soldiers of great courage who volunteered to enter the black tunnels armed only with pistols and knives and often fought in deadly hand to hand combat with the enemy"

Our guide was a rather toothy mad vietnamese guy who shouted at the top of his voice most of the time. There were some guys in the minibus from Australia and the guide then proceeded to tell us everything about Australia in a barely intelligible accent as if nobody had ever even heard of the place. Apparently there is a city called Sydney located in the state of New South Wales! The guide's ramblings continued and he began telling us about muslim terror attacks - he told us about 9/11 as if he was revealing something that only he knew about. The randomness of the guy continued, topics including Nicole Kidman, Bindi 'the jungle girl' Irwin (of whom he had a laminated picture - rather disturbing) and to top it all he proceeded to tell us that Osama B L was hiding out in the Cu Chi tunnels.

After the obligatory stop at a crappy workshop designed for ripping off tourists we eventually arrived at the tunnel complex. To be contd....

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