One year honeymoon around the world...17th April 2007 to 9th March 2008! Yes we're home!!

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Washington DC

George's House and car...

Busy, busy, busy....

Went for brunch with Yarissa in a diner in Adams Morgan - very yummy. Then Ben and I took the bus downtown. We wandered in the general direction of the White House, I was feeling a bit under the weather, and found ourselves at the Washington Monument -the big obelisk...

A sign said all tickets had been issued for the day (it's free but has timed slot tickets) so we approached a NPS ranger to ask where we got tickets (meaning for next day) and he was kind enough to let us in with the next group anyway :-) Result!

Views from the top were great and we saw George get out of his helicopter (photo above - how good is our new camera zoom!) Okay so we couldn't quite tell it was George but we reckon it was. Also saw the Pentagon, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Reflecting Pool etc.

So we now had our bearings and set off for the Lincolm Memorial via the World War II Memorial. We really liked the Lincoln Memorial especially the GIANT statue of Mr Lincoln

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