One year honeymoon around the world...17th April 2007 to 9th March 2008! Yes we're home!!

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Cucso, Peru

Cusco is a great place to hang out... lots of fab restaurants and bars. Favourite restaurant was Jacks. Very yummy breakfasts and dinners.
Unintentionally we were there the week of the Inti Raymi festival (festival of the Sun) and whilst the actual celebration and festivities were on Sunday (the day after we left) we saw all the preparations, floats and dancing all week in the main square. Really great atmosphere all week. And lots of photo opportunities.


City Tour
On our last day we took a City Tour which included the churches and cathedral in centre then we took mini-bus out to other ruins. Good to get some explanations on the culture and history.

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