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Sunday, 27 May 2007

Mendoza - we took the bus!!

We did it! We finally succumbed and made an overnight bus journey. 17 hrs north from Bariloche to Mendoza (and still in Argentina). It left at 16.30 and arrived prompt, as published, at 9.30am. Wasn't half as bad as I was expecting. We had planned on getting 'coche-cama' seats (read posh-first-class-sleeper-seats) but we ended up booking only the day before and our only option was 'semi-cama'. These were still pretty good - tonnes of leg room and they go pretty far back and have a leg rest that pops up. And more importantly I slept nearly the whole way (although that could be cos i'm exhausted from the late nights out in Bariloche and the Cerro Catedrale trek)

They even serve you dinner but I can't comment on that as I was fast asleep and Ben elected to eat mine for me rather that wake me up (a very wise move).

Kathy & Ben - thanks again for the travel blanket - Mucho useful!!!

We've booked into group spanish lessons starting tomorrow till Friday. Just mornings so we have the afternoons to explore (yeah right!) but the spanish school does have a few good activities to do so hopefully we'll drag ourselves along.

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