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Thursday, 3 May 2007

Iguazu Falls - Brazil & Argentina - 1st & 2nd May

Flew with Gol from Rio to Foz do Iguazu - was pretty impressed with the service - whilst the first flight was late leaving we´ve never had a more efficient transfer - four planes in a row all connected to tunnels and as we came off our plane we walked all of 200m and down the next tunnel and onto plane and within 10 minutes we were back in the air...and more importantly the bags made it too! took us 3 hours flying time (plus we had a couple of hours to kill at the airport) but v. satisfied given it was even cheaper than the 24hour bus journey!
We´ve also booked ourselves flights from Iguazu to Buenos Aires for this Friday - 2hr flight versus 20hr bus - Ben reckon´s we should do a long bus journey at some point but i´m all for flying everywhere :-)

The falls were amazing - quite a surreal experience at times. Both Brazil and Argentina have national parks and provide good facilities. Tuesday we went to Brazil first - definitely the best way round to do it. Brazil is more of an overview of falls -not as much close up as on Argentinian side. We did a jetboat ride (Thanks to Kathy & Ben for your wedding present) - really good fun though i was hanging on tight with both hands - it went v. fast along rapids then took us right up to bottom of falls several times - we got absolutely drenched! As the boat approached the falls they are so huge and impressive you kind of felt like you were on a disney ride and that they couldn´t be real and there was just tonnes of water being sprayed at you.

Never seen so many butterflies in my life on the Brazil side - thousands of them and fantastic colours and patterns. Would really quite like a fancy camera now like Cesca´s.

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